Dear Fellow Boomer,

Chances are you and I already have something in common: we were born between 1946 and 1964. We are boomers; the Woodstock generation; the mourners of Kent State and the rockers who lit our Bics to the Doors’ tunes.

Hi, my name is Fernando Bernall. Like many boomers, I was at one time in top shape. Matter of fact, I recall, when in my teens, my copy of Charles Atlas’ Dynamic Tension program arrived in the mail, and I still see the crowd, years later, cheering me on when I finished my last Chicago marathon back in the mid 80’s.

My interest in fitness led me to study Chinese and Korean martial arts for over 25 years. My studies in Asian arts eventually resulted in becoming a practitioner of Chinese medicine, a Board certified acupuncturist and a licensed health care provider.

However, the cares of everyday life, raising a family, keeping a busy practice and the struggle for the legal tender, took its toll on my personal life and eventually all traces of the athlete I once was were erased from my physique. In other words, I became FAT! My waist ballooned to a 46 inch spare tire and my weight tipped the scales to around 250 lbs. I became morbidly obese.

The Wake Up Call!

Like other busy men, I kept telling my self that one day I would return to the gym and start working out; that it would just take a little discipline and in no time I would return to the shape I once was. However the months passed and that “one day” was somehow skipped on my calendar until “one day” something happened.

I decided to teach my 6 year old son how to ride a bicycle. We went to the beach and I started to run next to him while holding the bike. Within seconds I was totally winded and gasping for air; I felt my heart was about to explode. I was scared and embarrassed by the bouncing of my huge abdomen as I ran. I stopped to catch my breath and struggled to find the words to explain to my 6 year old that daddy couldn’t keep going.

I realized at that point that I was just a heart attack looking for a place to happen. That my son’s memory was about to be one of seeing his father drop dead or with a stroke while learning how to ride a bike. That “one day” had arrived and my return to fitness began.

My Transformation

As a health care provider, I was fully aware of the task before me as I began to get myself back into a good general level of overall fitness. I joined the gym, but, as a former outdoors athlete and a martial arts competitor, I realized that the gym scene was not for me.

There had to be a better and I found it: I began to study fitness. I was determined to educate myself in all aspects of fitness including nutrition and exercise physiology. I enrolled at the University of North Florida’s personal training program and became a certified personal trainer and later a certified Kettlebell instructor.

I included a gym in my medical practice and started to train my patients. I returned to practicing and teaching martial arts and created a fitness protocol for Baby Boomers that I call DaoNamics™.

My fitness system includes joint mobility drills, bodyweight calisthenics, resistance and endurance training with kettlebells and mind-body training with Tai Chi. Using this method I have lost over 50 pounds of fat and now fit in an old pair of 36 inch pants.

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Fernando Bernall, DOM, CPT