SpiralFlow Method of Joint Mobility

As promised, 5 joint mobility drills from the SpiralFlow™ Method for you to try right now, without leaving your chair.

Benefits of practicing The Spiralflow™ Method

The SpiralFlow™ Method of Joint Mobility restores the body’s pliability, it promotes healing to the body’s infrastructure such as the tendons, fascia, and ligaments. It promotes blood and lymphatic flow. It relaxes the body and lubricates the joints and sinews. In short, The SpiralFlow™ Method: REJUVENATES THE BODY!

  • Prevents Frozen Shoulder
  • Reduces stress
  • Rejuvenates the joints
  • Improves posture
  • Increases mobility
  • Higher energy levels
  • Feel young again!
  • Improve overall circulation!

The Boomer Generation has come to age. In 2009, the first boomers turned 65 and every 8 seconds a boomer turns 50, making it the fastest growing demographic group in America currently numbering around 78 million strong.

With the rising cost of conventional health care, we are seeking ways to keep our bodies and overall health in the best condition possible through alternative medicine, exercise and nutrition. I aim to provide relevant information on these subjects.

It is my conviction that all exercise programs, especially those geared towards the Boomer generation, need to emphasize the importance of joint health. Far too often, the focus is on weight loss, and while losing weight is important, Boomers need to pay special attention to joint health. After all, exercise will always involve the use of joints and if these are not in good condition, injury is inevitable.

The SpiralFlow™ Method is a step by step approach to joint mobility and targets the main 18 joints of the body in a systematical and practical way. It is a suitable training adjunct to anyone’s fitness regimes.

See A Small Sample of The SpiralFlow Method Of Joint Mobility In Action