Joint Pain

Dear Fellow Athlete,

Can you imagine moving with the fluidity, grace, and strength you once enjoyed and free to function without limitations from joint pain? Well, You can!

Hi, my name is Fernando Bernall. I have spent over 30 years practicing and searching various fitness systems including Tai Chi, calisthenics, weight training, running, Karate, Kung fu, and much more. In the process I have suffered multiple injuries and been under the surgical knife. But one thing I have learned from it all: my fitness level is dependent on my joint’s health!

That’s right! When the joints start to ache, become inflamed, or stiffness settles in, our ability and desire to exercise diminishes and the possibility of injury increases. Fortunately, this is preventable and if you are already suffering with joint pain, which is why you are probably reading this page, it can be reversed. I did it, and hundreds of my students have done it, and now you can too!

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words. But a Video Tells it All! See For Yourself The Fluidity of this 59 Year Old Man!

The Best way For You As An Athlete to Stay In A Safe Path Toward Fitness Is To First Lubricate The Joints.

It never ceases to amaze me how much attention is given to a car’s lubricating system prior to embarking on a long journey or vacation. We make sure the ball joints are lubricated, the oil and fluid leves are just right. After all, should something go wrong, the expense and inconvenience to have the car repaired while on the road can be quite hefty and the safety of the passengers is at risk.

Yet, when we embark on a fitness journey, we pay more attention to the destination (the “six pack”, weight loss, firm buttocks, etc.), and not on the preparatory steps to ensure a safe journey. Let me suggest to you that the same considerations given to a car need to be given to the body if a safe and productive outcome is to be expected from our fitness program. Lubricate the joints! And here’s how:

The SpiralFLow™ Method of Joint Mobility is very similar to Tai Chi in that it is practiced as a series of drills performed in a continuous sequence until all the main joints of the body have been mobilized through their natural range of motion. Within 15 to 25 minutes, depending on the speed and number of repetitions practiced for each joint, you can feel totally energized, relaxed, and pliable.

Please, do not confuse joint lubrication with “warming up”! They are not one and the same! Likewise, joint mobility and flexibility are different. This is where my training method differs from other programs: I start training your joints first. The SpiralFlow™ Method is about restoring joint health through movement in the saggital, frontal and transverse plane. It is not about a warm-up prior to exercise, although most certainly it can be for that, it is much more. Joint mobility drills are about nourishing the joints with synovial fluid and restoring the joint’s natural range of motion through dedicated practice.

The video above is just but a small sample of The SpiralFlow™ Method of Joint Mobility. By following my program you too can move with the fluidity and agility of a younger person. Your body will be better prepared for further training including weightlifting and bodyweight calisthenics. Why? Because your joints will be able to handle the load!

Benefits of practicing The Spiralflow™ Method

The SpiralFlow™ Method of Joint Mobility restores the body’s pliability, it promotes healing to the body’s infrastructure such as the tendons, fascia, and ligaments. It promotes blood and lymphatic flow. It relaxes the body and lubricates the joints and sinews. In short, The SpiralFlow™ Method: REJUVENATES THE BODY!

  • Decreases Joint Pain
  • Prevents Frozen Shoulder
  • Reduces stress
  • Rejuvenates the joints
  • Improves posture
  • Improves overall range of motion
  • Higher energy levels
  • Improve overall circulation!

What You Need to Know About Joint Health

Proteoglycans act like a net that absorbs water

There are three things needed for healthy cartilage: water, which makes up about 70% of the cartilage; proteoglycans, the substance that holds the water and makes up around 15% of the cartilage, and collagen, which provides a framework to hold the proteoglycans and contributes around 15% of the cartilage matrix.

As we age, the body produces less collagen which is one of the reasons our skin wrinkles, and the spongy structures that hold the water, the proteoglycans, are not as abundant and our joints begin to deteriorate. This is usually when the signs of osteoarthritis begin to show.

If no action is taken to prevent or slow down the deterioration of cartilage, the joints become inflamed, achy and stiff as mobility is decreased. Furthermore, inactivity, brought about from joint pain, will eventually lead to weight gain which in turn invites a host of health problems. Fortunately, there is something you can do, and on this page I will show you how.

Why Your Joint Pain Management Program May Not Be Working

A quick search for joint pain will result with over 17 million pages on the subject. On the right side of the page you will see advertisement for supplements and medications for joint paint.

While there’s plenty of clinical evidence which suggests that supplements like Glucosamine and Chondroitin can be of benefit for treating joint pain, the fact remains that many stop using them due to lack of positive results. As a primary care provider, I have heard countless testimonies from patients who after trying the supplements for several months found no significant change on their joint pain. There is a reason for that and I’ll explain:

Above I told you about three components of cartilage: water, proteoglycans, and collagen. In a nutshell, glucosamine helps promote the proliferation of collagen and proteoglycans, the substance that holds the water. Chondroitin acts as a magnet to attract water. So when all of these are in the right ratio, the cartilage acts like a sponge soaked with water.

However, just like in nature, for water to be useful, it needs to move. We know the problems with stagnant water. The same is true with the water in the joints; if it does not move, it fails to nourish the joint.

How To Avoid Joint Injuries

Fitness training for a boomer is not the same as fitness training for a younger person. In 2003, the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey reported that the second reason next to the common cold for visits to the doctor by baby boomer was due to sports related injuries. In fact, medical professionals often address it as “Boomeritis”, a term coined by Nicholas DiNubile, an orthopedic surgeon and author of “Framework: Your 7-Step Program for Healthy Muscles, Bones and Joints”.

The maxim, “Fail to plan, plan to fail”, rings loud and clear for boomers fitness programs. Most fitness programs are planned with weight loss in mind and are usually designed around a time-frame. You’ve seen the ads, “Lose 12 Pounds in 3 Weeks!”, “Get a Six Pack in 16 Weeks”, and the like. These programs are fine for a person in their 20s, 30s and even for those in their early 40s. But friend, for you, as boomer, like I am, these programs don’t work! Why? Because of mileage!

That’s right! Wear and Tear! This is inescapable! Add to this the fact that our hormones are not what they were during our younger days. Our metabolism is not as high as it used to be and our muscle mass has decreased. And the sooner we accept it and plan our fitness protocol and nutritional program around it, the sooner we’ll accomplish our goal to arrive to an excellent level of fitness congruent to our age and genetic potential!

Boomers need a well thought out fitness program that focuses on overall general fitness, with weight loss as a side effect or byproduct of proper training, and not as the primary goal. Unfortunately, the media’s emphasis on aesthetics, the fad diets, and the misplaced focus on weight loss, distracts from the real purpose of exercise, and has created a sense of urgency that drives boomers into “killer workouts” programs which, as most boomers will tell you, ends in injury and often with irreversible consequences.

    5 Top Injuries From Exercise Amongst Baby Boomers

  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Elbow Injuries
  • Back Injuries
  • Knee Injuries
  • Ankle Injuries

It should not come as a surprise that the bulk of injuries you can suffer as a boomer involves the joints. The reason is that the body moves through a system of levers and the joints play the role of the fulcrum or axis on which motion takes place. If the joint is weak, inflamed, or tight, the stress placed on it through exercise will eventually lead to injury.

What the Pharmaceutical Companies Are Not Telling You!

Did you know that prescription drugs such as Celebrex could actually be worsening your joint pain by further damaging your cartilage? How about this: according to “The Arthritis Cure” author Dr. Jason Theodosakis, around 16,000 people are dying each year just trying to find relief from the pain of arthritis! I don’t know about you, but I find these findings alarming! There’s a better way to restore joint health and mobility and in less than a minute I’m going to tell you how.

Four key components of the SpiralFlow™ Method of Joint Mobility.

The SpiralFlow™ Method of Joint Mobility has been designed with four key components in mind: Posture, Spiral Movement, the Breath, and Body Integration. The result of the interplay between these four components is what makes The SpiralFlow™ Method dynamic and therapeutic.

1. Posture

The first point to consider when formulating a fitness program for a boomer is body alignments. In other words, we must pay strict attention to posture and form. While posture and form are important regardless of one’s age, the boomer needs to pay extra attention to these because the condition of the connective tissue at the joints changes with age.

The reason this is important, is that all exercise involves the use of the joints and that a constant component during exercise is the effect of gravity. Thus, if the body is misaligned during exercise, the effect of gravity will in time cause the joints to fail due to mechanical disadvantage. Imagine how much more damage a joint that is misaligned will suffer while under a load (lifting a weight).

In light of the above, you can understand why posture is the first component addressed in the SpiralFlow™ Method, and the importance it plays throughout our entire fitness program.

2. Spiral Movement

The SpiralFlow™ Method of Joint Mobility adopts its name from the natural movement patterns found in nature which are spiral. A spiral movement is circular and directional at the same time.

Cartilage, the connective tissue on the surface of the bones on our joints is not vascular – it lacks blood vessels. The body’s way of keeping this tissue healthy in adults is through synovial fluid that is released into the joints only through movement. Besides lubricating the joints, synovial fluid also flushes the joints of the waste cellular metabolism creates. This is why it is so important to move the joints through their full ROM or range of motion: their health depends on it!

3. Breathwork

As a trainer, I find myself constantly reminding my clients to Breathe. We should differentiate between breathwork and inhalation and exhalation. The latter we do naturally throughout the day. The former is an actual practice of a breathing method.

When breathwork is synchronized to movement during exercise, it creates a meditative condition that establishes a mind-body connection. It makes an exercise holistic in nature.

During SpiralFlow™ practice, the breathing is always abdominal and the breath is never held. The benefits of this type of breathing are many and are transferable to other styles of training. Abdominal breathing plays a major role when practicing squats and deadlifts in that it pressurises the abdomen to protect the lumbar spine. Perhaps the most important benefit of deep abdominal breathing during exercise is that it keeps a fresh supply of oxygen to the muscles, and, hello boomers, it is a great antidote to anxiety.

You should also understand that there is connection between proper breathing and good posture. Several of the postural muscles in the trunk of the body are also engaged in the breathing mechanism. This is why The SpiralFlow™ Method of Joint Mobility places such importance to both of these key components of fitness!

4. Your Feet and the Earth Are a Joint!

The SpiralFlow™ Method of Joint Mobility is about total body integration. When one part moves, it does so in concert with the rest of the body. All connective tissue moves as a living matrix and shares a common source of power: the earth!

I will teach you how to move using ground power and whole body integration. This is the secret to movement efficiency and to power development in the Chinese Internal arts such as Tai Chi and now you too can learn how to incorporate time proven methods of movement through the practice of The SpiralFlow™ Method of Joint Mobility.

Why Should You Believe Me?

Like many boomers, I was once agile and in top shape. As a teen, I worked out with my copy of Charles Atlas’ Dynamic Tension program and as an athlete I played semi-professional soccer. My interest in fitness led me to study Chinese and Korean martial arts for over 30 years and later became a practitioner of Chinese medicine, a Board certified acupuncturist and a licensed health care provider.

However, the cares of everyday life, raising a family, keeping a busy practice and the struggle for the legal tender, took its toll on my personal life and eventually all traces of the athlete I once was were erased from my physique. My waist ballooned to a 46 inch spare tire and my weight tipped the scales to around 250 lbs. I became morbidly obese and my joints ached.

The Wake Up Call!

Me: Before & After

Like other busy men, I kept telling myself that “one day” I would return to the gym, that it would just take a little discipline and in no time I would return to the shape I was once in. However the years passed and that “one day” was somehow skipped on my calendar until “one day” something happened:

I decided to teach my 6 year old son how to ride a bicycle. We went to the beach and I ran next to him while holding the bike. Within seconds I was totally winded and gasping for air. I felt my heart was about to explode. I was scared and embarrassed by the bouncing of my huge abdomen as I ran. I stopped to catch my breath and struggled to find the words to explain to my 6 year old that daddy couldn’t keep going.

I realized at that point that I was just a heart attack looking for a place to happen, that my son’s memory was about to be one of seeing his father drop dead while learning how to ride a bike.

As a health care provider, I was fully aware of the danger my life was in. I had set the stage for Metabolic Syndrome, or Syndrome X. You’ve seen it: the big belly (Apple Shape), constant tiredness, fatigue, and many more unpleasant symptoms. In other words, all conditions for stroke, diabetes type 2, and heart attack were in place.I had to act quickly and decisively!

That, “one day”, had arrived and my return to fitness began.

My Transformation And Loss of 50 Pounds

My first step toward recovery, was to educate myself in all aspects of fitness including nutrition and exercise physiology. I enrolled at the University of North Florida’s personal training program and became a certified personal trainer and later a certified Kettlebell instructor. I felt that if I was to create a fitness program for myself, it had to be based on solid understanding of exercise principles.

My second step was to release the tightness in my joints. Due to the weight I was bearing and the sedentary style of life, my joints had become stiff and painful. I knew that it was going to be a gradual process to get them to move through their natural range of motion.

I included a gym in my medical practice and started to train my patients. I returned to practicing and teaching martial arts and created a fitness protocol for us Baby Boomers that I call DaoNamics™.

My fitness system includes joint mobility drills (SpiralFlow™ Method), bodyweight calisthenics, resistance and endurance training with kettlebells, and mind-body training with Tai Chi.

Using this method I have lost over 50 pounds of fat and now fit in an old pair of 36 inch pants, and when you follow my program, you too can bring your body to a level of fitness that is functional and lay the foundation for further training and a healthy lifestyle.

So, Is The SpiralFlow™ Method of Joint Mobility All I Need to Get In Shape Again?

Great question! The answer is no. To address all components of fitness, a comprehensive program that includes resistance and endurance training would need to be implemented. Also, nutrition plays a big roll in overall fitness. But remember, Boomers’ bodies need a well crafted fitness program and the joints is the place to start. If your joints get hurt during training because they are not well lubricated you will become injured and set your training behind schedule. Play it smart! Start with my program of joint mobility. I have more to offer to get you “in Shape”, through my DaoNamics™ Training Program which includes bodyweight calisthenics, kettlebells, Tai Chi and nutrition. But, first, as a fitness professional and a health care provider, I must follow the Hippocratic oath of “Above All Do No Harm” and start with the joints!

Ok, I’m convinced The SpiralFlow™ Method of Joint Mobility Is For Me. But What Do I get?

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 10 Instructional online videos Instant Access!

    Each high definition video gives detailed instruction on how to properly perform each of the joint mobility drills safely. The proper body alignment and breathing pattern. Each video can be downloaded to your computer and kept forever!

  • Access to our online forum for the SpiralFlow Method of Joint Mobility.

    This alone is worth every cent of your investment. There’s nothing like being part of a health conscious community and feeling the support of like-minded forum members..

Wow! How Much Is All Of This Going To Cost Me?

I am asking you to invest a fraction of what it would cost you to joint a gym, hire a personal trainer, or a month’s supply of supplements. This investment will yield a higher return than a cortisone injection, a reumatologist visit, or a chiropractic adjustment. I know, I’m a health care provider and the patients that follow my program visit my clinic less frequent than the ones who do not! They save money and so can you. Just follow the program.

Normally I charge my clients $120 per hour for one-on-one personal training. If I lived in a bigger city like Chicago or New York, my fee would be much higher. Why? First and foremost, because my program works; and second, I educate my clients. If you understand the “why”, the “how” makes much more sense! So, I’m not going to charge you anywhere near what I demand from my private clients. For a limited time, I’m offering you my SpiralFlow Method of Joint Mobility, your gateway to fitness, for the low price of $47.00! $9.97. This offer is for a limited time only!.

PLEASE NOTE: The SpiralFlow™ Method of Joint Mobility is a series of online videos that can be downloaded to your computer. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get immediate access to 10 videos. You can download to your computer or view online.

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