SpiralFlow Improvisation

One of the most fascinating aspects of jazz is improvisation; the ability/skill to release a stream of creativity through an instrument or through the voice as in scatting. However, this skill is primarily cultivated through many hours of daily practice of scales, chords, arpeggios, and much more..

The SpiralFlow improvisation video I uploaded, is based on the above principles. We are using our body as the instrument and the joint mobility drills are the scales that gradually begin to shape our own “sound”. The video is just an example of what you can do as you make each routine your own. Aside from being relaxed and keeping a good breathing pattern, there is no set sequence while improvising. You can move in whatever direction your mind guides you..

I have found SpiralFlow improvisation very liberating. It allows me to experiment without the fear of injury and without the need to conform to anyone’s choreography. I can repeat the same drill as long as I need to until my mind visualizes the next drill and then it is just a matter of finding an easy and graceful entry into the next joint or joints. There is really no right or wrong except for not trying at all..

I am very happy with the feedback I’ve been receiving from the members and hope that joint mobility exercises become a central theme in your exercise program..


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